Perfect #SaaS combination for your sales prospecting!

Today i would like to present you a perfect SaaS combination for your sales prospecting!

With this 3 tools you will really increase your productivity in your startup.

The 3 tools we are talking about ?

Slack (a messaging app for your team), Pipedrive (sales pipeline) and (online prospecting).

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Step 1: Integrate Slack and Pipedrive in (really simple!). 

Capture d’écran 2015-12-05 à 12.29.52


I integreat my prospect to PipeDrive when i send an email.



For Slack integration, i think that creating a new channel dedicated to is the best choice you can make. Indeed, send you a notification directly in Slack when your prospect opens your message or interacts with it. AMAZING! 🙂


Finally, install the Chrome extension and let’s go to the next step.


Step 2: Go to the website of your next prospect! 

Here, I chose the website of Snapkin, the Startup of my friends Jeremy and Damien.


The pluggin of automatically detects emails on the website you’re visiting!


I can send an email directly to Jeremy from my browser.  You can also add a signature and templates.


Step 3: Pipedrive

Once you sent your e-mail, will automatically add my new prospect in my Pipedrive!

Capture d’écran 2015-12-05 à 12.56.12

Step 4: Slack

And last point, but not the least, sends you a Slack notification when Jeremy would have open my email!

Capture d’écran 2015-12-05 à 12.59.03


Now, sales prospecting like a boss!

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5 tools used by @bentossell, Community Manager @ProductHunt

Ben Tossell is the community manager of Product Hunt. He is part of the team we manages an amazing community, 103K followers on Twitter  and 20K fans on Facebook!

Today he shared with our community 5 tools that make his job easier and more efficient!


Respondly is a web app for managing your community on Twitter with your team!

In the same place, you can answer to your followers, assign all tweets to your team, see your team in real time, monitor specific tweets, archive tweets as soon as you’re done with them… and even more 🙂



Intercom it’s a perfect tool for communicate with your customers!

All in one app including many features for manage your customers. You can chat with your visitors in real-time, engage your community with targeted email, push & in-app messages, get customers feedback and inside your app help your customers.






Slack has the most impressive growth over the past 10 years!

Slack it’s a messaging app for teams. With Slack you kill e-mail in your startup, 48.6% reduction in internal e-mail! And 32% increase in team productivity!

If you want to know more about this wonderful tool, read Why you should start using Slack right now!




Ben and Product Hunt team obviously uses Twitter!

For Product Hunt, Twitter is an impressive tool for managing their community and  to discuss with her!

104K followers, 44K tweets, 12K likes and just 5 following, awesome job guys! 🙂





Product Hunt

Finally, Ben uses Product Hunt (off course)!

Product Hunt is a website that highlights best new products, games, podcasts and books! Every day, discover a selection of the best news tools on the web!

The Product Hunt community upvote for the best products! If you want to upvote for SaaS Invaders, click here 😉




Thanks Ben for your recommendations with our community!

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