Photo noir et blanc de Laura Calmore assise en train de taper sur un ordinateur

Laura Calmore of France Digitale : “#JouerCollectif . That’s our DNA….”

September 15, 2015, France Digitale opens up the Carreau du Temple in Paris, starting from 13h, for the third France Digitale Day, a meeting that became a must for all players in the digital ecosystem. More than 2,000 people are expected. A day that promises to be rich in debates, experiences and meetings with entrepreneurs, investors, large groups and without forgetting the politicians. To talk a little bit more about this event, we met Laura Calmore, marketing and event manager at France Digitale. 

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Saas Invaders : Could you remind us in few words what is France Digitale?

Laura Calmore : An association that brings together the champions of digital entrepreneurship: start-ups with strong growth plans and potential investors (venture capitalists and business angels).

Tell us the “pitch” of France Digitale Day 2015!

I can only quote Olivier & Marie (NDLD : Olivier Mathiot et Marie Ekeland) on this, what else can I pitch besides : “In its third year, France Digitale set its sights even higher for digital progress, startups and attracting talent and business to our nation.”Battle for Greatness” will be a major event carved into stone because on September 15, we all come together (entrepreneurs, investors and thinkers of our time) to collectively write the real political program for France’s digital glory.

We are inviting ourselves to the table and into the political agenda of the 2017 political candidates, just like we did at the time of the pigeons (#geonpi). For those currently in office, they’re starting their great sprint for the last 18 months of their term;and for everyone else, this is their moment to debate big ideas that will shape the future and leave small political squabbles behind.”

Photo en couleur de la team de France Digitale

The France Digitale team

Which elements will allow you to say that this edition is a success?

Our ambition and the members & partners that support us. This year we’re taking it to the next level. We’re taking an action France needs to get out of the economic crisis and renew it’s digital and entrepreneurial zest. The stakes at play are employment, growth, and international influence of our businesses. Together let’s make a universal, neutral, and pragmatic case for digital. FD Day “Battle For Greatness” will be the first political meeting of our new generation, yesterday’s Pigeons are becoming proactive drivers of change today.

France Digitale just celebrated its 3 years, what do you keep in mind from these few years?

#JouerCollectif . That’s our DNA and one of our values.

Olivier Mathiot, co-president of France Digitale says that France has many strengths but also some weaknesses on the global digital market, can you give us more details?

The rendez-vous was set for Sept the 15th, meet us there and you’ll have your answer 🙂

Otherwise, what are your three favorite apps?

Photo credits: François Tancré 

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