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Find an email in 2 minutes with @Email_Hunter!

Everyone needs to find emails, Email Hunter for Chrome is an indispensable tool for that!

1. Install Email Hunter for Chrome

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2. Find the contact you are looking for on Linkedin

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3. Use the Email Hunter button to find the email

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4. Verify that the email is valid with Mailtester

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Let’s go!! 



5 amazing Tools for startups created by @efounders

eFounders is a startup studio created by Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans. The studio builds SaaS products and especially 5 amazing Web Apps: Aircall, Mention, Mailjet, Front & TextMaster.

Aircall is a tool for create your phone support in minutes! You get phone numbers in 30 countries directly in your app. You can assign calls at your team, custom messages, decide when your numbers is open to receive calls, analyze your performance and more!

Starter offer $10/month


Mention is the web monitoring platform. Mention monitor all the web, websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and billions of sources in real time! With Mention you never miss a conversation about your startup, you identify the influencers and you react immediately with your dashboard.

Starter offer $29/month



Mailjet is a email marketing tools to propel your startup! One solution for email marketing. With Mailjet you can create contact list management, personalize your email campaigns, use beautiful newsletter templates, sending email with SMTP relay, segment your contact list, run A/B testing and track all results!

Starter offer is FREE 🙂 (6000 emails a month & 200 emails/day)



Front is an incredible and simple tool for manage your inbox. With Front you receive and respond to all of your conversations directly in one application. Email, phone, SMS, Facebook, Twitter in one place! No more missed messages, great collaboration with your team, analytics into your team’s inboxes and find all your messages.

Starter offer is FREE! ? (1 team inbox, 5 users).


TextMaster is a online translation service. One place for translate all your content in more than 30 languages (web, newsletter, legal, marketing, technical, SEO, business content…). TextMaster select qualified freelance writer & translator! Online intuitive platform for translate documents and you receive your translations in just a few hours.

Basic offer is $0,039 per word!


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