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Private sales #3

Private Sales # 3 on the SaaS Invaders website. Are you ready to start a new week and discover the most innovative apps of SaaS market ? We remind you that once you join the community, you can test for free the applications and also benefit from an advantageous offers ! So, drum roll …. this week, we invite you to discover Foundersuite, Mailjet, Mix Max and Sniply !

Private Sales from 20 July to 2 August 2015, little overview of the 4 solutions :

Foundersuite, tools to get startup sh*t done !

Logo couleur orange et noir de FoundersuiteFoundersuite is a set of software tools and templates for entrepreneurs. Foundersuite helps you ideate, fundraise, manage PR, track competitors, and update investors. Foundersuite also contains 80+ templates and spreadsheets.

Mailjet All-in-one email delivery engine

Logo couleur orange et noir de MailjetBetter sending, better insights for marketers and developers. With 22% of opt-in email landing in the spam folder (source: ReturnPath), Mailjet know delivering emails into the inbox can be a challenge. Mailjet’s first class deliverability experts and technology help guide your email to its destination. Create beautiful emails in a
matter of minutes !

MixMax, the best gmail add-on to boost your productivity

Logo couleur violet et blanc de MixmaxMixMax is the ultimate email productivity suite that lets you do everything you do on the web directly in email. Know exactly who opens your email and when. Schedule meetings in one email instead of ten. Create the perfect email with one-click templates. Schedule emails to be sent later and more…


Sniply, share content. drive traffic. Attach a call-to-action to every link you shareLogo noir de Sniply

Sniply is the only way to drive conversion through the content you share on social media. Boost website traffic, increase social media ROI, get signups and subscribers, leverage viral content.

Please note that who says private sales, mean limited period and limited quantity! So, see you soon on SaaS Invaders. Remember that you still have a few days to enjoy the private sales #2 which offer discount up to 50% on Unitag, Sellsy, Cake HR, Briefmetrics.

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